Balsam Picking . . . nothing says Maine like the 

fresh sent of  handpicked balsam from our 

Georgetown woods, packed into handsewn 

patchwork pillows . . .

A Message from our President 2021, Susan Bean
 The Georgetown Working League, established in 1913, is a bit like a handmade quilt: A warm, colorful group of unique strong women who meet weekly to make balsam bags and other craft projects, to conjure up a new quilt design and engineer it into a work of art, and to fit all the parts of the ever-evolving fair fundraiser into a beautiful, working vision. Our purpose requires welcoming those who enjoy fellowship, service and fun.One of our signature events is our annual Working League Fair where we raise money for scholarships, awarded to Georgetown students, and local organizations that keep our town safe, educated and interesting. Sadly, due to COVID-19, we were unable to have our fair last August. But, since the world was basically "on hold" throughout the pandemic, we found a way to stay connected via ZOOM! Many of us gathered from the comfort of our homes EVERY Tuesday for the Business Meeting on the second, the Interim on the fourth, and for Chit Chat on the remaining Tuesdays. For those who couldn't join us, our secretary sent comprehensive, often humorous, minutes of those gatherings to all League members. Kind of like stitches, holding us all together.As our annual quilt exemplifies, this collaborative project tells the story of a long-lasting and historic charitable organization committed to making Georgetown a vital, evolving community. Please consider joining us.