2024 Quilt "Mermaids' Garden" 

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Every year the quilters outdo themselves with a new creation!

This year is certainly no exception.

The quilters were hard at work throughout this winter season creating another masterpiece. 

2024 Quilt Raffle

Dive into the enchanting depths of creativity with the 2024 quilt, "Mermaids' Garden." 

This year's masterpiece, crafted with unparalleled skill and boundless imagination, transports you to a magical underwater world where mermaids might dance amidst vibrant corals and glimmering treasures. 

Each stitch and fabric choice reflects the quilters dedication, showcasing intricate patterns that capture the fluidity of the sea with a bit of whimsy. 

The quilt's harmonious blend of shimmering blues, lush greens, and radiant accents create a mesmerizing seascape, inviting viewers to lose themselves in its beauty. 

Don't miss your chance to own this extraordinary piece of art, a testament to the' exceptional talent of the GWL quilters and a charming tribute to the fantasy of the ocean's depths. 

Enter the raffle and let "Mermaids' Garden" bring a touch of magic and elegance into your home.

The drawing for this year's quilt will be held on Saturday August 10th At Georgetown Community Center at our "Bids & Bites" Bake Sale & Silent Auction .