Our Quilt 2020-2021

"A Year In Maineā€ 

Each month of the next twelve months one block of "A Year in Maine" will be featured

Happy June! Imagine looking out a screen door and seeing the wonders of Spring unfolding! That is exactly what you see in our June quilt block !!

This block is has an overlay of gauze to mimic  a  screen through which the details of flowers, boulders, a puppy, and a child on the swing can be seen! The June Block is being quilted now, and soon the work of quilting the entire quilt will begin.

In March of 2020 the State of Maine 

Celebrated its Bicentennial.  On the left is a quilt block handstitched by Linda Hjortland.  Linda chose to honor this milestone with her calendar month of March in our "A Year In Maine" quilt.  The hand embroidery is exquisite against the background of the State of Maine.